About us

TGA Entertainment L.L.C starts as a developers new business, including different people from various countries,
with the same objective of creating digital interactive content, principally video games and applications.

It has a wide variety of projects launched in different platforms, and it's idea is not only to offer the user an amazing
experience but also to raise awareness about certain social problems in which children are immerse through underlying messages.

The company's mission is primarily to yield users a unique and unforgettable experience by adding real issues and secondarily
help young people to strive and beat different social difficulties while doing something they enjoy, which is playing games.


GAMIFICATIONBrand new digital marketing technique for businesses, E-learning and NGOs

Gamification is the application of game-design elements and principles to non game contexts.
It's purpose may be commercial, educational or instructional, etc. The goal is to influence the “player’s” behavior and actions in order to reach the target or objective set by the client.
Gamification may be used as a marketing strategy for a product or brand, fund raising for NGos and hospitals and even as a learning tool
The players are encouraged and motivated with rewards inside and outside the video game, this way they carry on playing and consequently, learning. With this new marketing technique, by playing, not only will the participants consume, they will also promote the brand while having fun.
The objectives and benefits are the two main pillars of gamification
The player needs a mission/objective to complete and by completing said tasks they get rewards.These “rewards” are the benefits for the participants. Naturally, There are countless benefits for the players.
These may be as simple as getting a simple acknowledgment, like a small discount on a game, to a bigger recognition like a completely free product
Furthermore, the competition between the players also plays an important role in gamification. Competition motivates the player to keep on playing in order to get higher ranks or better benefits than the rest.
The more points the players earn the better their benefits will be. Finally, the creation of content carried out by the players and the shares on social media, achieve the so called “ripple effect” that helps promote a brand or product.


DEVELOPMENTOur creations

As most young people, our first introduction to digital games was by gamingourselves.
But, we wanted more than gaming.  We wanted to make our own games and share them with friends.
This way, we started working side by side with new gamer communities and specialists from around the globe and, surprisingly for us, our games got positive feedback.
What started out as a hobby turned into a business project.
We got serious and went in search of a team of young professionals specialized in their fields so in this way we could offer quality products.
Still, we had a lot to learn about the gaming business.
hat's the reason why we reached out to big YouTubers in order to learn from their advice and maybe promote our products on their media.
To our surprise, we got responses from lot’s of them and they volunteered to guide us.
Our first big hit was You Deserve a horror game with it’s theme based on “bullying”. This game made it through the Greenlight selection process in just a week. Then climbed to #1 on Steam’s horror sales charts.
Although our initial goal was to develop our own games, we started working on Gamification, Advertgaming and VR for our customers.
On a final note, we would like to thank everyone  who helped TGA Entertainment to grow step by step: Gamers, clients, communities, YouTubers and all the media who helped us to share our work by interviewing us.


YOU DESERVEHORROR. Release date: 8/19/16

"You Deserve" is an horror indie game in which you will experience a bullying story about revenge, starring a teenager called Amy who is lost in a world that she doesn’t know and her only objective is to escape from it without getting murdered.
Price: $ 0,99 USD. Available on Steam.

Blash DashReleased: 12/19/16

Join 5,000-10,000 daily active users and swipe your way through danger in this rhythm-based addictive plat-former! Prepare for an easy challenge in the world of Blash Dash. Push your skills to the limit as you swipe your way through dangerous passages and moving obstacles. Simple one touch/swipe game play with 10 levels that will keep you entertained for a long time!.
Game features • Rhythm-based addictive platforming game.
• 10 levels with unique soundtracks.
• Unlock new skins and colors to customize your character.
• Enjoy a shop for changing your character.
• No in-app purchases!
• Challenge yourself with the near impossible!
Price: FREE
Available on: Google Play


Wheels ChallengeReleased: 7/16/17

Join 100,000 - 500,000 daily active users and DODGE the oncoming obstacles!
Join the most daring chase! Swipe as fast as you can! Help David escape from his enemies!
• Colorful and vivid HD graphics!
• Hoverboard biking!
• Paint powered clothes!
• Lightning fast swipe acrobatics!
Price: FREE
Available on: Google Play

My UniverseReleased: 6/24/17

Nowadays, in this tech world, it's hard to attract the kids' attention for them to focus on learning. We've detected a great opportunity, in the Physics field, to carry out our project. My Universe is a digital tool aiming, thanks to it's intuitive and interactive development, to help children acquire new ideas regarding our galaxy and it's composition. It contains simple and friendly descriptions for all ages.
Different Physics themes are available at the tool:
+ The universe, the its las formas de materia, the energy and laws.
+ The planets and their fundamental characteristics.
+ The satellites, whether natural or artificial.
+ The stars and the different constellations.
+ The atoms and their conditions.
+ The most famous astronomers, such as Newton, Copernico and Galileo Galilei, within others.
It's crucial that people enjoy their learning sessions, either at the Physics level and other similar careers. The tool is being developed principally for children over the age of 8. Moreover, any person interested in the universe will be able to expand their knowledge through our tool.
Price: FREE
Developed for the Global Microsoft AR (Augmented Reality) Challenge.


Salud-Able. Advertgame for OSDEPYM.Release date: Coming soon on Android-iOS

Have you ever thought that taking care of yourself would be fun? Control your character's life by making his decisions and playing many funny different types of games! Learn how to have a pleasant and healthy life by playing Salud-Able!
+ Educative splash screens
+ Play 5 different games!
+ Guaranteed learning.
Price: FREE
Available on: Coming soon on Google Play - App Store.



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TGAs development team is conformed by more than 25 professionals
(accountants, developers,operacions administratives)
based all along America and Europe.

Entrepreneur and UBA Business administration student, unable to stop his mind on shaping ideas on multiple fields; at present, directing them on the gaming domain.
Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Gabriel is an Industrial Engineer (UBA Argentina) with Executive studies at UC Berkeley. Passionate about nature, innovation, science & technology, Gabriel combines his 25+ years experience leading business creation at the crossroads of the industrial, oil & gas, renewable energy and E&C fields with a passion for aligning people and resources to build cultures of operational excellence that have driven revenue and sustainable growth. Global minded, with a 22+ years career exposure as an expatriate on 4 continents, working in 60+ countries, Gabriel is a corporate strategic growth executive with a history of structuring and optimizing company internal operations while expanding reach and presence in the global marketplace.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Direction & Musician.
3D Generalist, musician and educational content creator on YouTube with more than 100.0000 subscribers, better known as 'Nodician'
Barcelona, Spain.

"Limkuk". Art direction.
Gratuated as a Digital graphic designer at 'Centro Universitario ETACC'. He has been working for the past 3 years in the game development's world offering his proffesional services to leader companies in Mexico. He focuses on 'character design' and 'concept art'.
Morelia, Mexico.

Modeling & Artwork.
Interior designer. He studied 3D modeling at CICE Academy, Madrid. Francisco also accomplished a Masters in 3d modeling and character's animation.
He performed a great variety of advanced courses about infoarchitecture and progressive character modeling using ZBRUSH again, at CICE Academy. For the past 7 years he has been working as a freelancer creating virtual tours for constructors and architectural studies.
Madrid. Spain.

Programming & Graphic design.
Mobile, consoles and PC game developer. Videogames development professor at UNIAT University.
He counts with more than 10 years experience in the digital media world.
David graduated as a Systems engineer. He has a bachelor’s degree in software development and a master’s degree integral development (UNIVA).

Sales & Finance.
HSBC: internship.
IBM: sales & management system leader.
Citigroup: regional capital markets project manager
Business administration in San Andres University.
Economy in Lawrence University of Wisconsin
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Modeling & Artwork.
He counts with more than 6 years in the artistic world and he devote oneself to the 3D modeling. Nowadays he is taking a cycle of micro-information systems and networks.
Barcelona, Spain.

Artwork & Animation.
Hota is a 28 years old graphic design and fine arts student. He work as a 3D modeler since 2012 and took part of 3 different cinema movies: "Yoko y sus amigos”, “Teresa y Tim” and “Elkano”, 2 of them were nominated to the Goya Spanish Awards.
"H", as his friends call him, also have been working with augmented and virtual reality for a long time
and had participated in several projects developed by Tecnalia, leader development enterprise based on Spain.
San Sebastián, Spain

Musician & Intern
Is a talented musician who nowadays is taking a bachelor in digital production (music and sound effects) at USAC University. He's also studying French and English in Vancouver, Canada. In this moment he's taking a training course of how to develop immersive sound effects to improve the users experience.
Vancouver, Canada

Marketing & Tester.
He is a UBA student. Nahuel dedicates to encourage TGA’s business links and marketing. He had been testing games for game developers and companies for the past 4 years, now he is using he's talent and experience to help us create awesome games with innovative mechanics and new ideas.
Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Partner - Direction.
Manuel is TGA's youngest partner with only 19 years old business administration student at the Miami University.
Miami, USA.

Reece is a graduate of the University of Winchester with a BA in Creative Writing. With three self-published books, a long-running audio-dramedy, and a long list of voice-over credits, he prides himself on helping people tell amazing stories. His key focuses are fantasy, horror, and social drama.
Winchester, UK.

Concept art.
Commercial Illustrator from Pratt Institute (NYC) and self taught Digital Artist. He`s been working for over 3 years as a freelance illustrator and concept artist for companies all around the world. Actually focusing on Creature Design and Illustrations for movie and Game Companies
Seville, Spain

Musician & Production.
Untiring experimentalist musician, specializing in cinematography at Berklee College of music; He studied sound design with two-time Oscar nominee Martín Hernández (Birdman, Revenant). He is distinguished by his commitment to perform quality work that properly combine images with sound. This dedication to the creative process has led him to cover an extensive palette of sounds that has allowed him to work in films like "Redención" (2009), a film thriller from director Juan Pablo Cortés, also in the crime thriller "Dame tus ojos" (2012), from the director José Luis Gutierrez, and in a tex/mex violent short film "Kiss of vengeance" (2013) from Fernando Barreda Luna, that was projected at the SITGES Festival in 2014.
Mexico DF, Mexico.

Modeling & Artwork.
Self-taught 3D modeler and digital sculptor. Specialized in character and creature design. Has 3 years' experience as a modeler for video games industry And more +5 years as modeler in advertising and post-production.
Quito, Ecuadorguenrijsilva@tgacompany.com

He works as a character animator. David began his studies as an animator in 2015 and continue to prepare myself day by day to expand my knowledge. The analysis of acting, advanced mechanics, and how to develop the thinking process of a character are part of my day as an animator in my profession. His professional career has led him to become part of international productions where I have had to animate different characters such as humans, creatures, aliens, giants, robots, props, clothes, spaceships and he hope to continue increasing my list in new projects.
Mexico DF, Mexico.

Concept art.
Graphic designer. Nicolas studied at the Escuela de Artes Lino E. Spilimbero, Córdoba Argentina. He has been working for the past 7 years on matte paintings and concept art on the movies and television industry.
Cordoba, Argentina.

Modeling & Artwork
Is a talented game artist who studied at the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts. He finished a engineering in design of digital entertainment course on the Bolivaian Pontifical University. Mateo also studied programming at the Bournemouth university.
Vancouver, Canada.

Rigger artist.
Educated as 3D animation Technologist (Colombia), with 6 years of experience, he works as Rigger artist, on bipeds, quadrupeds, cartoon characters, creatures and props. Mauro is also a skilled modeling artist focused in cartoon character, environments and props. He worked for many multinational companies including: Disney between many others.
Barranquilla, Colombia.

Modeling & artwork
30 years old artist who had been working for the past 5 years with huge companies such as: Banco azteca, HSBC, Nissan, Ford, Danonino, Hasbro, Holcim among others. Emilio finished his studies in 2001 at Mexico City.
Guadalajara, Mexico.

Creative manager.
42 years old, 21 years of experience developing ideas, leading teams and starting up several businesses in Europe, Argentina and US. He is an art professor and graphic designer graduated from the most prestigious university in Argentina (UBA). Diego travels from country to country developing his talent and looking for new experience. He lived for 12 years in Spain and worked with brands like Canal 9 of Valencia, Valencia Football Club, Alinghi and many others.
Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Accounting director.
Flavio was born in 1965 and graduated as an public accountant from the University of Buenos Aires in (1988). President at Ivanovic & Associates Tax Services (+15 employees) Specialized in Management Control, ERP software design and implementation, also a company and tax international coordinator.
Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Do you have any query?
Don't hesitate to contact us!


3370 N.E. 190th Street, Aventura, FL 33180 United States.
USA +1 (786) 245 5074 Tomás GIOVANETTI
ARG +54 (911) 5752 4806 Rodrigo GOMES
USA +1 (305) 877-3086 Manuel TOBAL
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