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We are developers of interactive digital content

TGA is a creative development studio focusing on innovation, luxury & tech. Somewhere between sophistication and simplicity. It dedicates itself to the development of taylormade projects:Videogames, Apps, Software, Commercial Advertisements,Animated movies as well as content for the market with global reach.

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About TGA Entertainment

TGA Entertainment L.L.C starts as a developers new business, including different people from various countries, with the same objective of creating digital interactive content such as: video games, applications, software, animated movies, TV advertisements and much more.

It has a wide variety of projects launched in different platforms, and it's idea is not only to offer the user an amazing experience but also in several cases to raise awareness about certain social problems in which children are immerse through underlying messages.

The company's mission is primarily to yield users a unique and unforgettable experience and secondarily to help young people strive and beat different social difficulties while doing something they enjoy, which is playing games.



About Gamification

Gamification is the application of game-design elements and principles to non game contexts. It's purpose may be commercial, educational or instructional, etc. The goal is to influence the “player’s” behavior and actions in order to reach the target or objective set by the client. The players are encouraged and motivated with rewards inside and outside the video game, this way they carry on playing and consequently, learning. With this new marketing technique, by playing, not only will the participants consume, they will also promote the brand while having fun.

These rewards may be as simple as getting a simple acknowledgment, like a small discount on a game, to a bigger recognition like a completely free product.

Furthermore, the competition between the players also plays an important role in gamification. Competition motivates the player to keep on playing in order to get higher ranks or better benefits than the rest. Finally, the creation of content carried out by the players and the shares on social media, achieve the so called “ripple effect” that helps promote a brand or product.


How it Works